10 Best hunting rifles for Deer

Deer hunting:

Many species of Deer can be hunted. Deer is in fact, an easy animal to hunt. Before you go Deer hunting, always look out if there are any laws about the hunt of any particular Deer species. Make sure your license is renewed if expired. A deer can be shot down using a bow or a rifle. Here are some of the best hunting rifles for Deer.

Banfield Sniper Remington Sendero SF II

This rifle has a flat cartridge and is quite heavy. It can target long distances accurately. It comes with a barrel which is over 26 inches. The rifle is fashioned in such a way that bullet is thrown out with a very high velocity.

Timber Classic Marlin 336C

The rifle is very compact and is easy to handle. Timber Classic rifle is rated to be one of the most potent rifles. The rifle weighs less and is easy to carry around. The rifle comes with excellent firepower and feedback.

Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight.

The rifle won Outdoor Life Choice award a few years back. The accuracy is sharp and reliable. The rifle is light weighted and has a light barrel, hence easy to carry around too.

Weatherby Vanguard.

The rifle has the right balance of accuracy, handling and price. The rifle can be afforded by anyone. It works well in any weather. It can handle rough use and severe weather.

Penny- pincher Ruger American.

As the name suggests, this rifle is manufactured in the U.S. The street price of this rifle is only 400 bucks. The rifle has an innovative barrel and has a very good inbuilt barrel. Penny- Pincher comes with a self-adjustable trigger that is user-friendly. The rifle has weaver style scope bases. The rifle is easy to carry around.

Small- Plot Smasher Ambush 300 Blackout.

The bullet travel’s to more than 200 yards and has a fast velocity. The rifle can put down an animal very quickly.

First-Timer Outfit H&R Handi Rifle

This rifle is listed as a very basic rifle and is well suited for beginners. The gun is very handy and is easy to use with a potent trigger. It is best suited for youngsters as the rifle does not have excessive recoil.

Slug- Zone Specialist Savage M220 Stainless Camo SS3.

The trigger used in this rifle is the highlight. It supports multiple shooting. The gun has a box magazine that can be detached. It can hold up to two rounds. The gun is expensive.

Thompson Pro- Hunter

The rifle is very easy to use and handy. The barrel is sturdy and can be removed easily. The gun is hence very easy to clean.