Backpack hunting for the beginner

For the first timers, the whole idea of backpack hunting would sound scary. Backpack hunting is not as ridiculous as it seems. If you love adventures and if you are impulsive, backpack hunting is definitely your sport! Here are some ideas and tips on how a beginner backpack hunter can start off.

Start off small.

For the beginner stages, one should probably go on a backpacking trip for a maximum of 2 days only. This is to give you a whole feel of what’s worth it. This would also help you to overcome any mental block you have that holds you back. You may get an excellent hunt even if the hike is very small. You would either love your experience or would not. The only way to find out is to pack your bag, grab your bow and start hiking. Here are a few more tips and some must carry items when you go on a hunt.


Since you carry your backpacks with you the whole while, make sure you are comfortable with your backpack before your trip. Wear it to check if it is not too difficult to carry. Do not load your backpack with a lot of things. Carry only the essentials. If your hike is more than a day, then a sleeping bag is a must. Make sure that your sleeping bag has enough room to keep your bow and at the same time, shouldn’t be very heavy also. This is one of the areas where you can reduce that extra burden.


Since the hike is done in forests, it is best that you depend on uncooked food. Carry ample amount of nutrient bars. If possible, try to carry a small kettle as it would help you make hot water to keep warm.

Physical Fitness.

You should definitely have a healthy living and exercise well before you set for hunting. This would make a difficult terrain easier to climb.

First Aid Kit

You should be prepared to deal with come what may happen. Carry an ample number of bandages of different size, hand sanitizer, duct tape, water treatment drops, medicines, chapstick etc. Make sure you carry a lighter as well.

Which animal do you hunt?

Choose animals that are not off-limits in a place. Also, for first time hunters, animals such as deer’s and antelopes would be easier to hunt with a bow. Hunting of certain animals might be prohibited in specific areas. Do your research in advance and make sure your hunt is permissible. Start off with animals such as a deer or an antelope before you hunt a bear or a more ferocious beast. Always remember, the distance does not matter. You can get your goal fulfilled in short distances too. The experience you and the memories you make are still worth it!!

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