How To Become A Do-It-Yourself Landscape Designer

Landscape can be something that lots of people might feel they should do themselves. Deciding to do it yourself gives you the benefit of time spent in the outdoors, plus you’ll save the fee a professional would charge. Working on landscaping is a great method of spending an afternoon, with the added bonus of some exercise thrown in. In order to get the task done right, you will need a variety of tools that will vary from high-tech to basic, like any other do-it-yourself landscaper.

Landscaping Tools

Having these types of tools is a mandatory requirement for tackling your landscaping project. You need to get a good landscaping design software program to help you with preparing the garden and lawn layout. An excellent one to use is Master Landscape & Home Design by Punch. Even though it was purchased back in 2003, it is utilized to good effect to this day. Prior to actually doing anything for real, you’ll be able to simulate any ideas you have on the computer screen, and the 3D Photoview technology lets you incorporate digital images of your home and garden. You’ll find plants, by utilizing the PlantFinder, that fit the conditions in your geographical area, being appropriate to the soil and climate. You may even discover the best places to buy the plants, when using the calculator to access estimated costs.


This is most likely the most high-tech that you may need to get. A necessary element of your landscape is usually to mow the lawn, so when you do the landscaping yourself, you will need a good lawnmower. Watch out with the purchase of a mower, because it is easy to get something with abilities way beyond your needs. The fact is, you can purchase something new from a mail-order catalogue, or check out a second-hand store and find a used machine in great working order. If perhaps your lot is big, you may want to think about a lawnmower you can ride, which will save you time as well as muscle-ache.

A weed whacker is something you want, no matter what. This is what will complete the job in all those locations that you can’t reach with a mower, e.g. alongside patios and fences, around tree trunks, and lots of others. The superior models come with many attachments, including ones that will allow you to tackle even the toughest weeds. Particularly if you have let things go for a while, and these weeds have become long, as well as tough. Heavy-duty plastic is recommended for cutting these weeds since the usual string-and-coil wacker won’t be good enough.

Standard Tools

You will also need some standard tools, like shovels, rakes, pruning shears and more – and don’t forget some work gloves for your hands. All this depends on what you have planted with your landscaping, and how complicated your design is, but you may need a little knowledge of hydroponics, carpentry and electricity.