Starting An Herb Garden

What to Grow

When the urge to “grow your own” strikes – and it does for many people in the spring – one of the best types of gardening you can do is herb gardening. There are many different ways to grow herbs, and the rewards are great. Just think about all those fresh herbs you can use when you cook! Putting in an herb garden is easy, especially if you pay attention to the tips we’ve outlined for you in this brief report.

The value of herbs can be seen in several different areas such as a compliment to your food, a drink or even for medicinal purposes. However, you shouldn’t assume that every herb you can grow is safe to consume. Aloe is an herb that is good for skin issues and can be made into a juice and ingested. If you grow aloe, however, you shouldn’t ingest it as it can have serious side effects. When aloe juice is sold, it is condensed and has directions for usage. One herb that is frequently associated with homeopathic remedies is arnica, but one should beware of taking too large a dose. These are examples of the many herbs that could have harmful effects and possibly be hazardous when you ingest them.

Hydroponics Technology

It hasn’t been very long since hydroponic herb gardening has become popular. Hydroponics technology lets you grow your herbs without the use of soil. You also don’t have to worry so much about pests, weeding, or other types of maintenance. Hydroponic gardens are usually in a greenhouse or inside your home. This makes dealing with the weather a non-issue. Higher power consumption is one of the main drawbacks when using hydroponic gardening. Before you consider hydroponic gardening, check with your local power company to see how much electricity you would consume with the ultra violet lights that hydroponic gardening requires. Do some research online to see if hydroponic gardening would be a good fit for your lifestyle. Many individuals prefer it because of the ease and convenience it affords them.

You might only have a few plants or your herb garden might be really large, but still having a plan is the best way to start. You have to consider a lot of things, such as why you even want an herb garden in the first place, as well as where should they be planted, is there enough space, and does the sun shine in long enough each day.

Plant Needs

Do you want vegetables and flowers with your herbs, or do you want them to be all alone in your garden. Knowing what each plant needs is important, since there needs vary, even though the majority of herbs need six hours of light at a minimum. You might need to find some of the herbs that do better in the shade, if your garden can’t fit this condition. Thinking about some of these factors, will help your herb garden develop the way it needs to. There is nothing more delightful than fresh cut herbs straight from your own garden. So, whether you want to grow your own herbs because it’s a fun thing to do, or to enhance your cooking, it just plain makes sense. Growing herbs is easy and you can do it with a minimum amount of space, even if you just grow one pot of thyme or basil or oregano. There is really no reason not to have your own fresh herbs growing at your fingertips. Buy a few packets of herb seeds, follow the suggestions we’ve given you in this article and, with hardly any effort on your part, you will have your own delightful herb patch.